Artus is the first high-tech and total solution for stress urinary incontinence in both men and women; once implanted by means of a minimally invasive procedure lasting around 30 minutes, it remains invisible and may be easily operated by patients via remote control.

The device is in clinical development


Stress urinary incontinence is a disabling condition that results in uncontrolled urinary leakage during effort such as coughing or sport.

Urine is normally retained by a sphincter that may have become inefficient in women with the condition.

Artus is an artificial urinary sphincter that aims to replace the natural sphincter.


After urethral access has been made, the soft silicone cuff is placed around the urinary canal, specifically at bladder neck level, and is then locked.

Once adapted to the urethra, the cuff is connected to the actuator, which is remotely controlled. The actuator commands closure and opening of the cuff by electromechanical action.

The cuff is adjusted in accordance with the severity of the incontinence of each individual woman.

Voiding is achieved simply by pressing the main button on the remote control.

In order to mimic natural physiology, Artus has been designed to allow permanent adaptation to the patient’s lifestyle.

At each patient follow-up, cuff closure can be adjusted in accordance with potential development of the condition and in keeping with the patient’s lifestyle.

Affluent Medical is for the moment developing investigational medical devices not yet commercially available in any region.