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Leading-edge solutions that will dramatically change the lives of millions of people.

The new generation of minimally invasive prostheses addressing unmet needs in structural heart diseases and urology.

Structural heart diseases. Kalios™, an adjustable ring to repair the mitral valve.

Easy to insert and adjustable in time.
For lasting repair that prolongs life expectancy without requiring new surgery.

Structural heart diseases. Epygon, a minimally invasive valve that mimmicks the human mitral valve.

An asymmetrical, single leaflet valve inserted using a transcatheter procedure. For faster recovery, and circulation identical to that of a healthy heart.

Artus, the first artificial sphincter adjustable and easy to live with in everyday life.

An electronic and minimally invasive sphincter. For a complete and simple recovery of urinary function.

Real hope for 600 million patients. 600 million lives.

Mitral insufficiency

A debilitating and potentially deadly pathology

Urinary incontinence

A taboo and limiting pathology, with few solutions available

M., a 65-year-old grandmother. Out of breath and exhausted by the smallest effort, she gradually limits all her activities until she has an operation to repair her valve. The procedure is long, as she needs open-heart surgery twice to adjust her device. A year later, she is operated on a third time, since regurgitation started again.

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P., retired and athletic at 75 years old. His symptoms, minor and controlled for several years, become worse and require replacing his valve. Except that his health doesn’t allow for open-heart surgery. Over the months, he develops heart failure and is at risk of dying.

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C., 62 years old and mother of two adult children, has suffered from urinary incontinence since giving birth. With age, it’s getting worse. Her daily and social life is very limited, as she cannot reconcile herself to the idea of having to wear incontinence pads. A hydraulic sphincter? Too invasive and traumatising – not for her!

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X… 80 years old had prostate surgery several years ago, and since then he has been suffering from urinary leaks, depriving him of any social life. To relieve him, his urologist suggested a hydraulic sphincter, which required a long operation. The balloons are uncomfortable and he has to activate a pump located in his bursa to urinate. It is complicated, and restrictive. As a result, he has not returned to a normal life.

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Innovative solutions that are minimally invasive, biomimetic and adjustable.

Whether it is the Kalios™ mitral annuloplasty device, the Epygon mitral valve or the Artus electronic sphincter, Affluent solutions have 3 advantages:
– They reduce the surgical procedure to a strict minimum.
– They are anatomically based and rely on the human body’s ability to restore critical functions.
– They adjust to the patient’s lifestyle as well as to the evolution of their disease.

Structural heart


Mitral valve repair

The device is in clinical development

Structural heart


Mitral valve replacement

The device is in clinical development



Urinary incontinence

The device is in clinical development

160 million patients suffer from mitral insufficiency


of the global population


of people aged 75 years and older


patients with severe mitral regurgitation


with no treatment


of patients require repeat procedures

420 million patients suffer from urinary incontinence


of the global population


are women

>100 M

patients with a severe stage have no real solution