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Millions of People around the World… Are Waiting for Solutions

It’s true for 160 million patients, men and women, who suffer from mitral insufficiency.
It’s also true for 420 million people who live with urinary incontinence.

Interview with Michel Thérin and Sébastien Ladet on Bourse Direct

Interview with Michel Thérin and Sébastien Ladet on Boursorama

Let the Numbers Speak

Mitral Insufficiency

160M patients


of the world’s population


seriously ill patients, including


with no treatment

Urinary Incontinence

420M people affected


of the world’s population



seriously ill patients

A High-Growth Market…

The market is growing thanks to a high prevalence of mitral regurgitation, the world’s ageing population and the appearance of less invasive solutions.

…with High Potential
Only a very small number of patients are currently being treated for these two conditions.

Undeniable Savings for the Health System

Less invasive and faster to implant, allowing patients to recover quicker and, for some, avoid further major surgery, Affluent’s solutions will have a direct impact on health costs for mitral insufficiency and urinary incontinence.

Simplified Use

Easier and quicker to place, Affluent solutions will provide increased reassurance to surgical teams. They will also create less stress since the risk of complications will be lower, and patient recovery faster.

Greater Peace of Mind for Millions of Patients

A single objective for this team of doctors and engineers: improve patients’ comfort and daily life with new and ambitious solutions, adapted above all to their anatomy and physiology. Affluent solutions are a demonstration of when research serves the promise of a new life.

Affluent Medical’s ambition is to become, thanks to its major innovations, a future global player in medtech specializing in urology and cardiology”.

Sébastien Ladet, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer
Read the message from Sébastien Ladet, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer


Madam, Sir, Dear investors,

Affluent Medical develops innovative prostheses, at a clinical stage, to treat urinary incontinence and mitral cardiac insufficiency.

Millions of people around the world are affected by these diseases, reducing their quality and life expectancy. Urinary incontinence affects more than 100 million adults over the age of 20 worldwide on its moderate to severe form1 and mitral cardiac insufficiency is a disease that affects more than 2% of the world’s population.Our goal is to offer a solution to these millions of patients by developing innovative medical protheses, which have already demonstrated their effectiveness in pre-clinical and clinical studies.

These mini-invasive medical devices also have the advantage of simplifying the surgical procedure and reducing health care costs for the patient and for public health systems.

Our product portfolio now includes 3 innovative prostheses and one technology protected by 31 patent families in all our markets:

  • Artus: the first artificial sphincter that patients can activate via a remote control, for the treatment of moderate to severe urinary incontinence in men and women;
  • Kalios: the only prosthesis for mitral heart valve repair that allows for multiple post-operative readjustments via a transcatheter procedure without general anaesthesia;
  • Epygon: the only physiological cardiac bioprosthesis that mimics the native mitral valve and blood flow and can be implanted via minimally invasive procedures without an “open heart” surgery.

Initial development stages have been completed for these three products with major investments made and positive pre-clinical and clinical results already obtained.

In these fast-growing markets, particularly driven by longer lifespans, our industrial and commercial strategy will be based on own sales forces in key European countries (Germany, France, Italy, UK) and on commercial agreements with strategic partners and local distributors in the United States, China and the rest of Europe.

Our IPO will allow our medical devices to be quickly marketed with the first revenues generated from the sales of Kalios in Europe expected as early as 2024, after obtaining regulatory approvals.

We hope that this ambitious project, which aims to improve the quality and life expectancy of millions of patients worldwide, will convince you and that we will soon be able to count you among our shareholders.

Sébastien Ladet, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer

Financial releases

2023/12/06: Start of the European pilot study with the Artus medical device for the treatment of urinary incontinence

2023/11/27: Affluent Medical announces coverage initiation of its stock by Portzamparc – Groupe BNP Paribastifs

2023/09/28: H1 2023 results. Major advances in clinical programs. Extension of cash horizon to February 2024

2023/09/13: Affluent Medical announces positive clinical results and further insights to enhance its strategy on Structural Heart activities

2023/07/17: Affluent Medical strengthens management team to advance its development

2023/04/26: Publication of the Universal Registration Document (URD) 20222023/04/17: Very positive results one month after Epygon mitral heart valve implantation in a first patient

2023/04/04: Affluent Medical: significant strengthening of Mr. Laurent Saglio’s stake, through his company LCEA, to 10.25% of the capital.

2023/03/29: 2022 full year results and update on clinical activities under development.

2023/03/09: Affluent Medical announces initial success of first clinical implantation of its Epygon mitral heart valve via minimally invasive route

2023/03/06: Affluent Medical announces the major success of its capital increase with preferential subscription rights for about €13.7 million

2023/02/09: Affluent Medical announces the launch of a capital increase of around €13 million with preferential subscription rights maintained by shareholders

2023/01/16: Affluent Medical strengthens its management team to support industrial and commercial deployment


19 -21
November 2023

PCR London Valves – Conference, London

November 2023

LSX Inv€$tival – Conference, London

23 – 26
October 2023

TCT (Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics) – Conference, San Francisco – USA

Shareholders’ corner


IPO date: June 14, 2021
ISIN Code: FR0013333077
Mnemonic: AFME
ICB classification: 4535 – Medical Equipment – 20102010 – Medical Equipment
Listing market: Euronext Paris

Affluent Medical share capital at April 30, 2023

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