Kardiozis, a disruptive technology, to treat abdominal aortic aneurysm and better reduce aortic aneurysm size.

The device is in clinical development


Based on the observation that minimally invasively implanted stents for the treatment of AAA are a real response to the problems of open surgery but provide only a marginal advantage over time because of the frequent endofuites that maintain blood circulation in the aneurysm, Affluent Medical has developed, through its subsidiary Kardiozis, a technology for stents exploiting the properties of thrombosis with thrombogenic fibers inducing the clotting of the aneurysm and preventing all circulation internal to the aneurysm, that is, type II endofuites.

Kardiozis technology provides a major solution to the problems of type II endosters caused by existing stents and their consequences for patients: risks of re-intervention and anxiety induced by the possible increase in aneurysm that can lead to rupture and death of the patient.