Affluent Medical governance and scientific advisory board brings together deep expertise in pathologies addressed and prior successful experiences in medtech companies.

“Affluent Medical is committed to offering the best available therapies worldwide for hitherto largely unmet needs in terms of widespread and critical diseases. Millions of patients around the world are suffering and cannot always find optimal therapies.

Affluent Medical focuses on breakthrough medical devices using a new approach. Deep understanding of the physiology helps us to design a new generation of minimally invasive prostheses with the aim of mimicking anatomy and restoring native physiology for critical functions.

Our approach heralds a new era for cardiovascular and urological therapies. The combination of our highly talented team and deep expertise will enable us to lead this major shift toward more physiological therapies.

Affluent Medical reached in 2020 another key milestone of its development ; all its products are now in a clinical phase. Ongoing clinical studies carried out in Europe should allow the arrival on the market of these innovative products from 2023 and thus bring therapeutical solutions to many patients”.

Michel Finance, Chairman.


Michel Finance<br><span class="stitreAboutTeam">Chairman & Chief Executive Officer</span>
Michel Finance
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Olivier Pierron<br><span class="stitreAboutTeam">Chief Operating Officer</span>
Olivier Pierron
Chief Operating Officer
Jérôme Geoffroy<br><span class="stitreAboutTeam">Chief Financial Officer</span>
Jérôme Geoffroy
Chief Financial Officer
Prof. François Laborde, MD<br><span class="stitreAboutTeam">Chief Medical Officer</span>
Prof. François Laborde, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Wenzel Hurtak<br><span class="stitreAboutTeam">VP Operations Epygon</span>
Wenzel Hurtak
VP Operations Epygon
Pascale Lagrange<br><span class="stitreAboutTeam">Quality Director</span>
Pascale Lagrange
Quality Director
Eric Jague<br><span class="stitreAboutTeam">Director Regulatory Affairs</span>
Eric Jague
Director Regulatory Affairs

Scientific Advisory board

Alain Carpentier, MD, Ph.D<span class="stitreAboutTeam"> </span>
Alain Carpentier, MD, Ph.D 
Alain Berrebi, MD<br><span class="stitreAboutTeam"> </span>
Alain Berrebi, MD
Theodor Fischlein, MD<br><span class="stitreAboutTeam"> </span>
Theodor Fischlein, MD
Christian Latremouille, MD. PhD<br><span class="stitreAboutTeam"> </span>
Christian Latremouille, MD. PhD
Gunther Laufer, MD<br><span class="stitreAboutTeam"> </span>
Gunther Laufer, MD
Martin Misfeld, MD, PhD<br><span class="stitreAboutTeam"> </span>
Martin Misfeld, MD, PhD
Piergiorgio Tozzi, MD<br><span class="stitreAboutTeam"> </span>
Piergiorgio Tozzi, MD
Daniel Hayoz, MD<br><span class="stitreAboutTeam"> </span>
Daniel Hayoz, MD
Nicolas Barry Delongchamps, MD<br><span class="stitreAboutTeam"> </span>
Nicolas Barry Delongchamps, MD
Roger Dmochowski, MD, MMHC<br><span class="stitreAboutTeam"> </span>
Roger Dmochowski, MD, MMHC
Dominique Fabre, MD<br><span class="stitreAboutTeam"> </span>
Dominique Fabre, MD
Stephan Haulon, MD<br><span class="stitreAboutTeam"> </span>
Stephan Haulon, MD

Board of Directors

Michel Finance<br><span class="stitreAboutTeam">Chairman of the Board</span>
Michel Finance
Chairman of the Board
Daniel Hayoz<br><span class="stitreAboutTeam">Board Member</span>
Daniel Hayoz
Board Member
Patrick Coulombier<br><span class="stitreAboutTeam">Board Member</span>
Patrick Coulombier
Board Member
Philippe Pouletty<br><span class="stitreAboutTeam">Board Member</span>
Philippe Pouletty
Board Member
Dominique Carouge<br><span class="stitreAboutTeam">Board Member</span><br>
Dominique Carouge
Board Member
Claire Corot<br><span class="stitreAboutTeam">Board Member</span>
Claire Corot
Board Member
Ellen Roche, PhD<br><span class="stitreAboutTeam">Board Member</span>
Ellen Roche, PhD
Board Member