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Preclinical study

AFFLUENT MEDICAL announces that it has received the approval from the Czech Republic regulatory authority to start ‘first in man’ preclinical study with ARTUS.

ARTUS is the first electronically activated sphincter to treat urinary incontinence. One in 4 adults suffers from stress-induced urinary incontinence, with a high prevalence among women.

ARTUS is the first artificial urinary sphincter intended for both men and women. Fully invisible and easy to use via remote control, ARTUS is inserted in about 30 minutes by minimally invasive surgery. It aims at becoming the next standard of care for this disease with adverse impacts on the patients’ quality of life. The market launch of ARTUS, currently in clinical development, is planned in 2021 in Europe. The global urology market is expected to reach $7 billion by 2020, with a potential 26% annual growth between 2017-2020.