Medical Affluent to provide millions of patients with more effective treatments for serious and widespread diseases.


A deep understanding of physiology and experience attained with surgeons is helping us to design a new generation of minimally invasive prostheses aimed at mimicking human anatomy and restoring native physiology for critical functions.

Our approach heralds a new era for cardiovascular and urological therapies. The combination of our highly talented team and deep expertise will enable us to lead this major shift toward more physiological therapies.

Our minimally invasive implants undergo strict scientific and clinical testing in collaboration with top medical centers around the globe. We are also seeking to rein in healthcare expenditure, which represents a major challenge for public and private health systems alike.

Nos implants font l’objet de tests scientifiques et cliniques rigoureux en collaboration avec les centres médicaux les plus expérimentés dans le monde. Nous visons par ailleurs à limiter les dépenses de santé, ce qui constitue un véritable défi pour les systèmes de santé publics et privés.


Patient health and unmet medical needs in structural heart disease, vascular therapy and urology are a daily concern for Affluent Medical. Millions of patients around the world are suffering and cannot always find optimal therapies and achieve a good quality of life with their poor prognosis. Our goal is to help patients worldwide to live longer healthier lives.

We believe that an alternative approach is possible that factors the capabilities of the human body and complex physiology into the design of products that reduce the risk of early or late disease recurrence.

We are committed to offering the best available therapies worldwide for hitherto largely unmet needs in terms of widespread and critical diseases.

Expertise and know-how

Affluent Medical strives to provide best-in-class minimally invasive implants. We leverage know-how concerning transcatheter and flow control technologies to achieve the following key benefits:

  • Mimicry of anatomy and restoration of physiology
  • Adjustability to meet individual patient needs
  • Minimally invasive implant procedures
  • Optimized and biocompatible components.

As a technology-focused company, we have developed a strong key intellectual property portfolio, supported by Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) studies and protected until 2038. All our breakthrough therapies have been published in scientific journals and presented at major medical conferences.

Our history



Creation of Kephalios, company specialized in minimally invasive correction of mitral regurgitation.

Creation of Kardiozis, company specialized in the long-term treatment of abdominal aortic aneurism.


Creation of Epygon, company specialized in mitral valve replacement.


Creation of MyoPowers, company specialized in the development of artificial muscles for the treatment of severe incontinence.

Capital increase for Epygon for an amount of €1,240,000 subscribed mainly by funds generated by Truffle Capital.

Kalios and Epygon enter into in-vivo preclinical phase (animal).


Capital increase for MyoPowers for an amount of €4,500,000 subscribed mainly by funds generated by Truffle Capital and Novartis Bioventures Limited.

Entering into consortium agreement relating to the “Mivana” project “Innovative medical devices and techniques derived from the textile industry for the creation of a national cardiovascular sector” between Kephalios, Epygon, MDB Texinov and the Institut Français du Textile et de l’Habillement.

Capital increase for Kephalios by contribution of tangible and intangible assets relating to a development and marketing project of a medical device by Mitraflex at Kephalios.


Bpifrance assistance granted to MyoPowers for the “Artus” program.


Entering into joint venture contracts between Shanghai Zuquan Investment Management Company Limited on one side and Epygon, Kephalios and MyoPowers on the other side.


Given their joint undertakings and the synergies that could potentially be generated, grouping of Epygon, Kardiozis, Kephalios and MyoPowers, to create Affluent Medical.

Formation of the Company and operation of contributions in kind of all the shares and convertible bonds issued by Epygon, Kephalios, Kardiozis and MyoPowers to the Company.

Transformation of the Company (incorporated as a simplified joint-stock company) into a public limited company with a Board of Directors on March 27, 2018.

Kalios and Artus enter into the clinical trial phase.

Receipt of the “innovative company” label from Bpifrance on April 25, 2018.